D i a n a  D u r r a n d
contemporary mixed media artist

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Brings back memories of when I brought my Mom bouquets of Dandelions and she treated them as if they were roses. The bright yellow always catches your eye first and we leave them to mingle among the grass. After watching your video, I will look at them in an entirely different way. Take care, Diane
Diane Davis - 27 Mar 2018
Yoiks! what a phenomenal card idea...abandoned couches/sofas/chairs and lovely fluffy ever abundant lovers of such places. I bought the cards at Oscar and Libby..I am from Calgary and I know people who will love love these cards thank you so much
maureen drummond - 24 Jul 2016
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lina - 29 Feb 2016
What a delight to spend a little time lost in your website. Ran across your site by accident and am so pleased for visiting. Wonderful, playful ideas brought to life!!
Liz Calvin - 19 Feb 2015
Hello, Diana! I discovered your "Sofa Sitters" while visiting Victoria (I'm from Alaska) last week, and fell in love with them. Thank you for making my heart happy!! Cheers! Cherie
Cherie Johansen - 28 Oct 2014
Love the pastels of the Bees!
Johanna Cumberbirch - 25 May 2014
Your art is so good. So uplifting and fun. What gifts of the mind,. soul and brush. Thank you
Elizabeth Cameron - 31 Jan 2014
Your work is very interesting - I look forward to taking a workshop with you at Luz Studios in February. Heather Hess
Heather Hess - 7 Dec 2013
Good morning Diana, Your sister-in-law Lynda has just sat beside me as we relished each and every shot of the Sofa Sitters. I felt I had an insider's view on you and your work as Lynda offered insight into your artistic approaches, your outlook on life, the arts and nature (specifically those wonderful dog posers). Brava, brava, brava. Best wishes for continued success and inspiration.
Sue Robert - 7 Oct 2013
Wonderfully whimsical work, Diana. I love it! Good luck with the show. Cheers, Perry
Perry Haddock - 13 Sep 2013
Beautiful work, full of love, thought and humour. What a wonderful portfolio. Wish I could attend the sofa sitters show. It would be fun to watch others' reactions to these lovely images and stories.
Leslie Dyson - 12 Sep 2013
Wonderful site, wonderful and creative work - I 'm looking for wall space!
Johanna Cumberbirch - 9 Jun 2013
I love your work. Mu friend emailed your Site to me, mainly for the two dog series, and I liked your work so much, that I had to check it all out! The sofa sitting dogs are so whimsical. I just love them all!
Julie Elizabeth - 22 Mar 2013
Hi Diana, Di, Edith and I took in your show yesterday and we were so impressed by your brilliant work. And, as usual, your presentation is unique and creative, from the elegant frames to the display of the cups and saucers. Jo-Ann's "teabags" are a strong complement to your theme. But, most of all, your ART is strong and compelling, an intriguing combination and interplay of ideas (the contemplative and the playful come to mind with the image of the cup and saucer behind the back). Your work is very inspiring, Diana - We now eagerly await the chickens! All the best, Jack
Jack Turpin - 5 May 2011
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